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Live, experienced and professional! Practice correct form, posture, breathing, movement, stretching, toning, core and full body strengthening, cardio fitness, balance, relaxation and meditation. Everyone welcome, no experience necessary and thoughtfully self-paced. Respectful and accepting regarding health or lifestyle.

Come in comfortable clothes, nearly empty stomach, curious mind, open heart and soft smile! Yoga mats and water are available, however feel free to bring your own.

 Class Descriptions

(6 Month Expiration)

 1  Class Pass  $14 
 5  Class Pass  $55
 10 Class Pass  $100*
 20 Class Pass  $180*
* Eligible for Senior (>60), Junior (<18), and Teacher 20% Discount. 

Classes may be shared or gifted. Discounted passes may not be shared with customers not eligible for discount.


 Monthly Unlimited
with 12 Month Contract**
 Monthly Unlimited
with Month to Month Contract**
 One Month Unlimited Prepaid   

 Six Month Unlimited Prepaid
(perfect for Winter Texans!) 
 Twelve Month Unlimited Prepaid                                       

** Auto charged to credit card on file.


give the gift of healing

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 Class Etiquette

This gives your mind and body a chance to wind down a bit before your class begins. Please be aware that we must end the class at its scheduled time. Late arrivals, unfortunately, shorten your class time.

Sana Vida offers clients the rare opportunity to relax in a calm, quiet environment with no disruptions or distractions. Please help up maintain this peaceful atmosphere by whispering, turning phones on vibrate and, if necessary, removing disruptive shoes.

We recognize that many people suffer from chemical sensitivities. Because of this, we try to reduce the amount of perfumes we use on our own body and prefer clients to also abstain from perfumes. Occasionally, we burn incense or emit smells produced from essential oils, herbs and teas. If at any time, you feel you are affected or distressed by the scents at Sana Vida, please alert your teacher. We will do our best to remedy the situation if it is in our control.

Happily, we accept cash, check, VISA, Mastercard, and Discover. At Sana Vida, we recognize the high cost of health care and want to make it affordable for everyone. We try to offer a variety of payment plans, free classes, and opportunities for bartering.

They are always a great idea, aren’t they? Pressed for time? Purchase a gift certificate online and have the certificate emailed directly to the recipient.

 What Clients Are Saying!

"For me yoga has made a huge difference in my life. I thought all my athletic days were behind me, due to the following: 2 six inch rods in my back and six screws, artificial hip, metal rod in my left femur and many issues with my right foot including two surgeries and an artificial toe joint. In addition to all that I have lymphedema from cancer, erythromelagia and mixed connective tissue disease. I never saw myself moving again. Through yoga I have found I can do quite a lot. It has made me stronger, leaner and much more centered and filled with joy. I really look forward to Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I feel like yoga has saved my life and for that I thank you. "

Age 59

"I am thankful for starting Yoga. Yoga has helped me get back a lot of my life after back surgery. I am so much more flexible. I am able to get up from the floor without help from a chair or using a wall. I sleep better than I have in years and most nights I sleep through without waking up and finding it hard to go back to sleep. I am happier and calmer. The staff at Sana Vida is welcoming, helpful and warm to everyone. Even the building is inviting and calming. Thank you for being here and a part of my life. "

Age 65

"Since I started practicing yoga three years ago I have gained physical strength, especially in my upper body and “core.” I have more flexibility and better balance. And I also have the breathing techniques to use to relieve stress on a daily basis. Not only have I experienced physical benefits, but I’ve also benefitted mentally and spiritually with a clearer mind and a more positive spirit. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all I’ve been taught, the relationships I’ve made, and the help I’ve received from everyone at Sana Vida. "

Age 42

"Yoga has helped me with my fibromyalgia/chronic pain, the mental and emotional aspects, as well as the fatigue associated with this illness. When diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last year I felt angry, out of control and depressed. I have always been an active person and in shape so as the fibromyalgia became worse I was unable to do some of the simple things I used to do, which has also affected my self esteem. Yoga and the Sana Vida staff have helped me by giving me information that I need in regards to the mind, body, and emotional connection. The meditation has helped me learn how to lessen the pain. Yoga in general has given me more energy and I can feel the difference in my overall physical health. Yoga has helped me feel empowered, and the feeling that I do not have to sit and doing nothing about my condition. All of these things have helped me regain my self esteem and self confidence. "

Age 47

"When I walk up the steps leading to the front door and hear the fountain, I begin to feel the serenity that is Sana Vida. Even though I am not lucky enough to live in the area permanently (yet), the lovely staff and instructors at Sana Vida always make me feel welcome and at home. Every visit to the area always includes as many visits to yoga classes as I can possibly fit into my schedule. As a part time yoga instructor with a full time job, I do not ever get to attend classes in my home town. For that reason I really look forward to my time as a student of wonderful, knowledgeable instructors that are the yoga instructors of Sana Vida. Each of them is so willing to share information with me that make me a better instructor. It is like attending a workshop each time I take a class. My ayurvedic consultation and follow up visits with Gina have helped me learn to make changes in my diet and lifestyle to improve my health and well being. My massages with Connie always leave me feeling great. Thank you Patti and Sana Vida for all that you offer."

Age 32

"I have celebrated two years as a stage 1 breast cancer survivor. Towards the end of my cancer treatment in January 2010, my radiation oncologist asked - have you been exercising your left (affected) arm and shoulder? He said I should as it is a natural tendency to protect our body where we have surgery, and in my case, radiation. Sure enough, my left side was stiff and I hadn't realized it. I started practicing yoga then for two reasons - one, to loosen up my unused muscles and regain the flexibility and strength. But most of all for the serenity of the meditation, breathing exercises, and as a treat for my body that I felt had betrayed me temporarily. I also added once a month massages to my routine. My first few yoga sessions were rather emotional because when the beautiful music played I reflected on the cancer and tears rolled down my cheeks. Now, I am healthy and I try to do the best I can with the poses and it makes me feel very strong. As a Christian, I feel close to God when I am practicing yoga and I often dedicate my practices to those sisters who are undergoing current breast cancer treatments. Thanks Sana Vida (and Lindsey Plante!). I love your opportunities for all of us! "

Age 48

"As a woman who spent her younger years exercising and being slim and fit, it was an eye opener at middle age to be hit with onset osteoarthritis in my knees and to top it off it hit when I was on one of my morning walks. I was in a lot of pain for about a year when I decided to try acupuncture hoping it would ease the my surprise, it worked much better than expected and I have been virtually pain free for several years now. After reaping the benefits of acupuncture, I finally decided to try yoga. I was pleasantly surprised to find that it was everything the hype said and more. Not only does it make my knees stronger, it makes me more flexible, and the best thing it does is lift up my spirit and bring a sense of peace and serenity. Yoga has taken years off my life and added benefits that are immeasurable. Thank you Patti and Sana Vida for making my life better in so many ways!!!!!"

Age 57


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